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Recitation as Support

A very special edition of Recovery Support! Kevin takes you in a slightly different direction in this episode as he records during his walk at the beach with two purposes: 1) He shares a personal tool for immediate support whenever you're down or challenged, and 2) he makes a special announcement for the Recovery Support podcast.

Clue: he keeps the recorder running after he signs off, so only keep listening to the last 14 minutes or so if you want to relax and walk back to the car with him and hear the people running along the strand, hear the people talking as they pass, hear the loud car that goes by after he climbs the ramp and walks along the Esplanade, hear the helicopter that flies past along the shoreline, hear the guy with the guitar singing, and hear the cordial g'morning to the man crossing the street just before he gets to his car.

Resources mentioned in the show
The Bergen Protocol by Kevin Bergen

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